About the Journal

Focus and Scope

THERYA aims to disseminate information and original and unpublished knowledge related to the study of mammals in all disciplines of knowledge. It is an open forum for teachers, researchers, professionals and students worldwide in which articles are published in Spanish and English.

Peer Review Process

Manuscripts received will be subjected to an editorial process that takes place in several stages. First, the manuscripts will be submitted to a preliminary evaluation of the THERYA web platform (https://mastozoologiamexicana.com/therya/). The General Editor and some of the members of the Editorial Board will determine the relevance of its publication. Then manuscripts that fulfill the thematic requirements and format in accordance with the rules of publication will be reviewed by at least two academics, experts in the field of interest, who will determine whether the material meets the characteristics previously described for disclosure; in case of discrepancy between the results of the reviewers, the letter will be sent to a third reviewer, whose decision will define the publication. Manuscripts undergo a double-blind evaluation process, in which the authors ignore the evaluators and vice versa. The result of the process of academic opinion is final. Manuscripts conditioned to make minor or major changes must comply with the recommendations of the evaluators before being considered for publication.

Publication Frequency

THERYA is a quarterly journal published by the Asociación Mexicana de Mastozoología A. C.

Open Access Policy

THERYA is based on its open access policy allows for free download the complete contents of the magazine in digital format. It also authorizes the author to place the article in the format published by the magazine on your personal website, or in an open access repository, distribute copies of the article published in electronic or printed whom he deems appropriate, and reuse part or whole article in your articles or future books, giving the corresponding credits.


Asociación Mexicana de Mastozoologia A. C.

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